I make oil sketches for many reasons but the primary one is delight– that is to say, my delight in the study of nature, in the delight of depicting form & space, and in the delight of smearing daubs of color with a brush on a flat surface. Yet, their qualities extend beyond the initial creative pleasure into the realms of reflection and inspiration.  My own oil sketches are done from life, from my memory, or my imagination, encompassing those immediate to sustained experiences. As an oil painter of relatively large artwork, the sketch known as a bozzetto has been incorporated into my painting practice. Simply stated, a bozzetto [s., bozzetti, pl.] is a study that inspires a resultant artwork. It is distinguished from other types of studies or sketches in that a bozzetto and the resultant work are executed in the same medium. For example the second through eighth images above are oil bozzetti. My oil studies and oil bozzetti are generally small in scale and nearly always exploratory in aim– that is, I do them without specific intent. Nonetheless, if successful, they are complete visual poems– genuine artwork with an innate aesthetic. Although I employ linen, panel, and cotton, I usually paint oil studies on prepared paper due to that support’s charm and efficacy for inspired moments.


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